Gratitude Log

*I got this idea from a facebook post shared from 104.9 The River.

This is my GRATITUDE LOG.  Weekly, I will add one thing a week for which I am grateful.


January 8 –

My Faith in God.  Because it gives me strength and hope to move from day to day.  My rock, my shelter, my comfort to endure and overcome in life. My joy. My peace of mind that keeps me from moment to moment.  Indeed in Him I live, and move and have my being.  My faith in God and his plans for me gives me great expectation and hope for the new year.

January 16 -,

I am grateful for forgiveness; both receiving God’s forgiveness for me and being able to forgive others.  For the longest time I would hold  grudge long after I forgot why I was mad/upset/whatever.  And if you didn’t ask or admit you were wrong or had mistreated me – WELLLLLL, I was never forgiving.  That only hurt me, that held my heart in bondage to hurt feelings and negative energy.  Recognizing that I fall far short of “perfection”; I knew I needed the forgiving mercy of God.  His Word says that in the same manner that I forgive others, will He forgive me.  I think that realization was the beginning to me opening my heart to trying to have a spirit of forgiveness.

January 23 –

I am grateful for my family!!! Oh My Gosh, I feel so blessed by the love and support that I have from my family.  My family is my Mom and two sisters, then my three children and their fiances, and then my grandson, and then my niece and her family and my sister’s husband and children.  Our family is growing leaps and bounds and I abstemiously love it.  Family is a treasure.


January 31 –

I am grateful for JOY!  Joy is not the same as happiness; Joy is deeper and underlying.  Joy is “I’ve had an awful day, but I am still smiling inside”.  Joy is not predicated by something great happening to or for you but a simple state of being.  Joy is something I fought to acquire and will fight at all cost to keep.  Joy, is priceless.

February 5 –

I am grateful for second chances!!!





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