Preparing for a good New Year

I find this is a time for reflection, looking within and evaluating choices, decisions and plans.

In nature winter time is a time of hibernation and preparing for spring growth and blooming.
Plants and animals alike use this time to survive off of stored energy or food. They have eliminated what is unnecessary and cut off things that drain energy. So should we.

I am looking at fb groups, meet ups, subscriptions and fb folk I’ve added or joined over the year and evaluating them. Did it add energy, positive reinforcements, growth promoting ideas and joy? If so=keep. If not=DELETE. It’s really time out for entertaining things, people, events, thoughts, projects that don’t seek to encourage or build up your mind, body or spirit.
Do bears take snakes or wolves into their hibernation den? Do caterpillars surround themselves with larve eating insects during their cocoon cycle? NO. Then why would I entertain things that deplete, drain or are harmful to me? Not wise.

Do inventory of what and whom you entertain. Pray and seek wisdom concerning your life, goals and purpose and then make changes that set you up for a productive, positive and joyous New Year



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