What if God ask you to do something that others have told you you can’t do? “You can’t sing, you don’t have rhythm, you can’t draw, you can’t blah blah blah.” Who’s report will you believe?

My Grace is sufficient for thee; for my strength is made perfect in weakness

2 Corinthians 12:9

God takes what you have and covers it with His supernatural anointing. His grace, His strength, His wisdom; supercharges what you have an makes it exactly what He needs it to be. All He needs from you is your “YES“. He does not need your intellect, your talents, your money; He needs your whole hearted surrender to Him. Completely surrender and then let Him paint the masterpiece and give Him all the glory.

Sometimes the most anointed experiences are conducted through the least talented; simply because they let God/ Holy Ghost work! They just yielded. They accepted their lack and welcomed His abundance and just let Him flow.

Fear is the biggest obstacle to flowing in God. Fear is the biggest hindrance in being where, who, what God says that you ARE. What if I look silly, what comes next, what if blah blah blah. Fear of what others think, fear of not fully knowing or even knowing at all “what comes next.” Fear is the blockage. Fear Fear Fear The presence of fear is to be expected and “normal” but it is your yielding to fear that you need to overcome.

When you conquer your yielding to fear; you will begin to soar as the eagle God has created you to be!!!


Preparing for a good New Year

I find this is a time for reflection, looking within and evaluating choices, decisions and plans.

In nature winter time is a time of hibernation and preparing for spring growth and blooming.
Plants and animals alike use this time to survive off of stored energy or food. They have eliminated what is unnecessary and cut off things that drain energy. So should we.

I am looking at fb groups, meet ups, subscriptions and fb folk I’ve added or joined over the year and evaluating them. Did it add energy, positive reinforcements, growth promoting ideas and joy? If so=keep. If not=DELETE. It’s really time out for entertaining things, people, events, thoughts, projects that don’t seek to encourage or build up your mind, body or spirit.
Do bears take snakes or wolves into their hibernation den? Do caterpillars surround themselves with larve eating insects during their cocoon cycle? NO. Then why would I entertain things that deplete, drain or are harmful to me? Not wise.

Do inventory of what and whom you entertain. Pray and seek wisdom concerning your life, goals and purpose and then make changes that set you up for a productive, positive and joyous New Year



Pruning Is Necessary

Sometimes you have to simplify in order to expand….

There is a churning in my spirit that kind of seems to defy words.  A yearning to launch out, to expand, to delve deeper.  So I have found myself doing a lot of introspective looking.  What I found is that I have engaged in quite a few activities, projects,  groups and things that draw my time.  With each activity I found myself thinking the same series of questions…Does this matter to me? Does this help me reach a goal? Is this geared to my purpose? My Passion?

I found I was doing somethings on a whim, to join in or out of fun.  Nothing wrong with that but I also found that those things that are my passions where being put on the back burner for these other things.  This is when I realized that sometimes you have to simplify in order to expand.  Simplify what I am engaged in so that I can expand and grow that which is really purposeful and meaningful for me. Pruning time.

My mind went to the Bible, John 15:2 “He cuts off every branch of mine that doesn’t pruningproduce fruit, and he prunes the branches that do bear fruit so they will produce even more.”  Notice what He does.  First, the cutting.  He identifies those things that aren’t productive.  Projects that are started on a whim and not leading anywhere.  Groups  I joined that talk about nothing.  He eliminates those things that don’t point towards the purpose, plans or growth of the tree.

Next, the pruning.  Growing up I had a plant, and I learned that periodically I had to nip the top of it.  Clipping it this way encouraged it to be bushy and produce more blossoms.  You’ll notice in that scripture that pruning is exactly what God does next.   I am identifying and reevaluation those things I am passionate about, things that cause my purpose to blossom, plans, goals and hearts desires.  I am being purposeful in how I proceed in these areas.

Pruning is strategic and done with a purpose and plan.  How you prune has a bearing on the shape a plant take as it grows.  Pruning something beautifulrequires vision.  I am seeking God, about those precious thoughts he has towards me and the wonderful plans he has for my life, and formulating a plan for how to grow forward.  To help me with this I am creating a Vision Board as a visual reminder of where I want to focus and how I plan to proceed.

At first it seemed like I was going backwards, but then I realized that pruning is about fine tuning. Honing in on what matters and planning how to carry it forward.

Pruning is necessary. Simplifying brightens the perspective and gives clarity in how to move forward.

something brighter











This week I am going to focus on …discipline.  Self-discipline to be specific.

Holidays, weekends, and celebrations have quickly given me a reason to veer from my nutrition plans.  Not feeling well, schedule changes and “life” have caused me to fall off on my exercise goals and other projects.

So this week, I have re-engaged myself and I am going to make a concerted effort to hold myself accountable.  Self-restraint, self-discipline will be in charged and “feelings” will take a back seat.

It is fine to splurge sometimes; but now is not that time for me.  Truthfully, I have over splurged!  In order to reach goals and accomplish milestones; I must stay focused.

I realize there can always be an excuse or a reason for me to let myself off the hook; but if I am really serious about end result, I must use self-discipline!


Image does not belong to me. Above image found through google search engine from: Affirm Your Life: SELF-DISCIPLINE Affirmations.


Gratitude Log

*I got this idea from a facebook post shared from 104.9 The River.

This is my GRATITUDE LOG.  Weekly, I will add one thing a week for which I am grateful.


January 8 –

My Faith in God.  Because it gives me strength and hope to move from day to day.  My rock, my shelter, my comfort to endure and overcome in life. My joy. My peace of mind that keeps me from moment to moment.  Indeed in Him I live, and move and have my being.  My faith in God and his plans for me gives me great expectation and hope for the new year.

January 16 -,

I am grateful for forgiveness; both receiving God’s forgiveness for me and being able to forgive others.  For the longest time I would hold  grudge long after I forgot why I was mad/upset/whatever.  And if you didn’t ask or admit you were wrong or had mistreated me – WELLLLLL, I was never forgiving.  That only hurt me, that held my heart in bondage to hurt feelings and negative energy.  Recognizing that I fall far short of “perfection”; I knew I needed the forgiving mercy of God.  His Word says that in the same manner that I forgive others, will He forgive me.  I think that realization was the beginning to me opening my heart to trying to have a spirit of forgiveness.

January 23 –

I am grateful for my family!!! Oh My Gosh, I feel so blessed by the love and support that I have from my family.  My family is my Mom and two sisters, then my three children and their fiances, and then my grandson, and then my niece and her family and my sister’s husband and children.  Our family is growing leaps and bounds and I abstemiously love it.  Family is a treasure.


January 31 –

I am grateful for JOY!  Joy is not the same as happiness; Joy is deeper and underlying.  Joy is “I’ve had an awful day, but I am still smiling inside”.  Joy is not predicated by something great happening to or for you but a simple state of being.  Joy is something I fought to acquire and will fight at all cost to keep.  Joy, is priceless.

February 5 –

I am grateful for second chances!!!





Living On Purpose

To me this said or your serious about your goals/dreams or just playing around.
To me this said are you serious about your goals/dreams or just playing around.


It’s not the start of the year, beginning of the month or even week for that matter; but I feel the need for change.  This image was part of a post my cousin posted and it got me thinking.

Living on Purpose is about actively doing things that propel me forward in achieving my goals or dreams.  Choosing actions or creating opportunities regularly to expand my knowledge, increase my portfolio and not just waiting for them to “happen”.

So, I’m going to pray and create a plan of “Purpose” regarding photography and fitness/nutrition.  I don’t expect it to be easy and I may stumble, but I believe that once God puts something in your heart; and you set your mind to it— He will help bring it to pass.


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