What if God ask you to do something that others have told you you can’t do? “You can’t sing, you don’t have rhythm, you can’t draw, you can’t blah blah blah.” Who’s report will you believe?

My Grace is sufficient for thee; for my strength is made perfect in weakness

2 Corinthians 12:9

God takes what you have and covers it with His supernatural anointing. His grace, His strength, His wisdom; supercharges what you have an makes it exactly what He needs it to be. All He needs from you is your “YES“. He does not need your intellect, your talents, your money; He needs your whole hearted surrender to Him. Completely surrender and then let Him paint the masterpiece and give Him all the glory.

Sometimes the most anointed experiences are conducted through the least talented; simply because they let God/ Holy Ghost work! They just yielded. They accepted their lack and welcomed His abundance and just let Him flow.

Fear is the biggest obstacle to flowing in God. Fear is the biggest hindrance in being where, who, what God says that you ARE. What if I look silly, what comes next, what if blah blah blah. Fear of what others think, fear of not fully knowing or even knowing at all “what comes next.” Fear is the blockage. Fear Fear Fear The presence of fear is to be expected and “normal” but it is your yielding to fear that you need to overcome.

When you conquer your yielding to fear; you will begin to soar as the eagle God has created you to be!!!


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