This week I am going to focus on …discipline.  Self-discipline to be specific.

Holidays, weekends, and celebrations have quickly given me a reason to veer from my nutrition plans.  Not feeling well, schedule changes and “life” have caused me to fall off on my exercise goals and other projects.

So this week, I have re-engaged myself and I am going to make a concerted effort to hold myself accountable.  Self-restraint, self-discipline will be in charged and “feelings” will take a back seat.

It is fine to splurge sometimes; but now is not that time for me.  Truthfully, I have over splurged!  In order to reach goals and accomplish milestones; I must stay focused.

I realize there can always be an excuse or a reason for me to let myself off the hook; but if I am really serious about end result, I must use self-discipline!


Image does not belong to me. Above image found through google search engine from: Affirm Your Life: SELF-DISCIPLINE Affirmations.


Gratitude Log

*I got this idea from a facebook post shared from 104.9 The River.

This is my GRATITUDE LOG.  Weekly, I will add one thing a week for which I am grateful.


January 8 –

My Faith in God.  Because it gives me strength and hope to move from day to day.  My rock, my shelter, my comfort to endure and overcome in life. My joy. My peace of mind that keeps me from moment to moment.  Indeed in Him I live, and move and have my being.  My faith in God and his plans for me gives me great expectation and hope for the new year.

January 16 -,

I am grateful for forgiveness; both receiving God’s forgiveness for me and being able to forgive others.  For the longest time I would hold  grudge long after I forgot why I was mad/upset/whatever.  And if you didn’t ask or admit you were wrong or had mistreated me – WELLLLLL, I was never forgiving.  That only hurt me, that held my heart in bondage to hurt feelings and negative energy.  Recognizing that I fall far short of “perfection”; I knew I needed the forgiving mercy of God.  His Word says that in the same manner that I forgive others, will He forgive me.  I think that realization was the beginning to me opening my heart to trying to have a spirit of forgiveness.

January 23 –

I am grateful for my family!!! Oh My Gosh, I feel so blessed by the love and support that I have from my family.  My family is my Mom and two sisters, then my three children and their fiances, and then my grandson, and then my niece and her family and my sister’s husband and children.  Our family is growing leaps and bounds and I abstemiously love it.  Family is a treasure.


January 31 –

I am grateful for JOY!  Joy is not the same as happiness; Joy is deeper and underlying.  Joy is “I’ve had an awful day, but I am still smiling inside”.  Joy is not predicated by something great happening to or for you but a simple state of being.  Joy is something I fought to acquire and will fight at all cost to keep.  Joy, is priceless.

February 5 –

I am grateful for second chances!!!





Staying free

Do not let how others treat you effect who you are towards them. Remain your authentic self.

What do I mean?  If you are a greeter and you see them out and about – – still say “Hi” even if they don’t say anything back.   If you feel led to check on them do it, even it you know they won’t respond back.

In the grand scheme of things it doesn’t matter how they treat you – you just need to remain free in your heart.  Letting how they treat you dictate who you are regarding them, gives them a negative power over you. For example – you feel led to pray for someone, but won’t because of how they have treated you.  They don’t loose; you do.

Don’t get me wrong, I am not saying chase after people. Use wisdom.  Take your lead from how they treat you and spend time with them accordingly.   If someone can’t ever seem to make time to hang out its okay; just stop asking them to do things.

Never let how someone treats you cause you to harden your heart towards them; stay free.



Just Flow

I am going to try to “flow” more without planning down to the last detail. To start, I am going to post a blog when I have something to say. It may be a word, sentence, song or photo. This past year I would think to share a line or quick thought, but didn’t because I didn’t think I had “enough” to say.  No promises of frequency or theme being made or implied here.  I am just going to flow with what happens.  A pattern of frequency may develop; or not 🙂

At the same time I am going to plan to do somethings that expand me and expose me to more of life.  I am exciting about exploring the field of photography more and mingling more and meeting new people. There are a wealth of museums, galleries and sites to see near me that I have yet to explore…its time to explore them, photography them.

In life, I am not going to let unknown variables prohibit me from taking a step. I am freeing myself from “having to know” every detail before I try something new.   Sometime in life you need to just “step” without necessarily knowing “what, how or when” about the next step.

Stepping out of the box and trying something new for me.   Lets see how it goes…Just flow

Scriptures that strengthen me:

For as many as are led by the Spirit of God, they are the sons of God. Romans 8:14

For we walk by faith, not by sight….. 2Corinthians 5:7

God has not given me a spirit of fear… 2 Timothy 1:7

Living On Purpose

To me this said or your serious about your goals/dreams or just playing around.
To me this said are you serious about your goals/dreams or just playing around.


It’s not the start of the year, beginning of the month or even week for that matter; but I feel the need for change.  This image was part of a post my cousin posted and it got me thinking.

Living on Purpose is about actively doing things that propel me forward in achieving my goals or dreams.  Choosing actions or creating opportunities regularly to expand my knowledge, increase my portfolio and not just waiting for them to “happen”.

So, I’m going to pray and create a plan of “Purpose” regarding photography and fitness/nutrition.  I don’t expect it to be easy and I may stumble, but I believe that once God puts something in your heart; and you set your mind to it— He will help bring it to pass.



Today I cried…..

My niece inspired me so much today.  She and her family are launching out into the deep after a dream. (

I cried because at 20 something she isn’t afraid to take a chance on her dreams, but at 40 something I have been. So many things I have “pondered” doing but never acted upon.  Dreams kept silent, Ideas never pursued.

FEAR is more than just a bump in the dark; or a shadow in the dark.  FEAR is that whisper “what if it doesn’t work”, “what if my friends laugh”.  FEAR is that thing that keeps you from pursuing unspoken dreams or trying new things.

So, I cried, but when I stopped crying I stepped out into “something new”.  I published my very first blog page (something I have pondered for a while) Today, I looked FEAR in the face and said “OH WELL, I am going to give it a try anyway!”.

Today, I opened the door to new things, possibilities and waters uncharted.  Today I said “Okay” to the voice of adventure and discovery that has been whispering inside of me.

I don’t know what tomorrow holds.  I accept that all outcomes may not be what I want or the way that I want; but I am willing to take the step and see.

I am excited about my future and all that life brings.


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